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Intrigue Silktm

Ceramic Brackets with Color Coded

                           A Steadfast Performer

                                    Constructed from polycrystalline cultured alumina,
                                    Intrigue Silk is the ultimate in structural integrity
                                    and strength. It features a combination mechani-
                                    cal/chemical bonding base, diamond & heat
                                    finished slot for perfect dimension and slide, and
                                    a pseudo-twin designer for superior tie-wing
                                    strength and functionality.


Intrigue Whisper

Ceramic Brackets with Color Coded

                           The Chameleon Effect

                                    Polycrystalline alumina with the transparency of a
                                    sapphire is the secret to this bracket’s camoufla-
                                    ging capabilities. Blending perfectly with any tooth
                                    color, Intrigue Whisper also gives off no glare,
                                    unlike most actual sapphire brackets. It offers
                                    ample tie-wing space for fast & easy ligation.

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