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Utility Pliers

Debonding Instruments Band Removing

the tips and occlusal pads are accurately aligned to facilitate easy removal of bands in the posterior of the mouth. available with long or short tips and with repla-
ceable pads. For the best maintenance of pliers, we recommend to clean and sterilize with ultrasonic equipment and steam autoclave; never use stain or tartar re-
mover or disinfectant spray on surface of instruments.

aDheSIve RemovIng PlIeR Stealth                Item
Replaceable tungsten carbide blade
and occlusal teflon pad                    652-183
• Replacement tungsten carbide blade of 1  652-175
• Replacement teflon pad Ø 4,6 mm of 3
BanD RemovIng PlIeR lanceR                 626-133
Replaceable occlusal teflon pad            626-134t
• long tip, ideal for posterior area       626-134tt
• ShoRt tip,
• Replacement teflon pad Ø 4,6 mm of 3     652-025
• Replacement teflon pad Ø 6,3 mm of 3

BanD RemovIng PlIeR Stealth
tungsten carbide insert,
replaceable occlusal Peek pad

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