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utility Pliers

Wire Forming Pliers

the three jaw pliers are designed for contouring and forming all arch wires especially Niti wire. Nance pliers allows the clinician to form precise loops of various
sizes in rectangular wire. For the best maintenance of pliers, we recommend to clean and sterilize with ultrasonic equipment and steam autoclave; never use stain
or tartar remover or disinfectant spray on surface of instruments.

thRee JaW PLieR LaNCeR                            Item
For contouring and bending wires              626-125
Wires up to .030
thRee JaW PLieR steaLth                       652-139
For contouring and bending wires
Wires up to .028                              652-013
thRee JaW PLieR steaLth                       626-441
For contouring and bending wires
Wires up to .030
For forming loops in four lenghts 3-4-5-6 mm

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