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Aesthetic Brackets

Intrigue Silktm

Clear Ceramic Brackets with metal Slot

Fire and Ice Collide

Constructed from polycrystalline cultured alumina,
Intrigue metal Slot Brackets are clear like ice, and
thanks to their durable inset metal slot, allow
phenomenal torquing performance with superior
sliding mechanics.


Intrigue Whisper Z

Sapphire Brackets with Color Coded

                           Just So We’re Clear

                                    the most transparent bracket on the market, In-
                                    trigue Whisper Z is made from premium quality
                                    monocrystalline sapphire - blending perfectly with
                                    any shade of tooth. It’s contoured base, smooth
                                     tie-wings & hooks, along with its diamond & heat
                                     polished slot ensure unparalleled mechanics.
                                     Intrigue Whisper Z is the pinnacle of aesthetic
                                     versatility, strength & performance.

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