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Lancer’s Feature Brackets

               Manufactured using robotic MIM technology, Praxis Brackets are known for their rhomboidal
               shape and scribe line which runs through both the bracket and pad. These features facilitate
                fast accurate placement. The slots are milled with diamond blades guaranteeing precise di-
                 mensions throughout the wall of the slot. Anatomically designed 100 gauge mesh pads make

                  bonding effortless and ensure optimal adhesion.
                  Advantages: • Torque in the base • Reduces number of wire bends • Low profile • Optimum
                   patient comfort • Large under tie wings area • Easy to LIGATE • Improved Pad anatomy
                    especially on the cuspids/bicuspids with mesial and distal anti-rotations.

                      Manufactured using Casting technology. Sinterline Plus brackets have perfectly smooth
                       rounded edges offering maximum patient comfort and optimum control for the clinician.
                       The height of Sinterline Plus is similar to a mini twin bracket and the width is closer to
                       that of a standard size bracket. Sinterline Plus is a two piece bracket with an anatomical
                       designed 80X80 gauge mesh pad which provides maximum retention.
                        Advantages: • Torque in base • Compensating In/Out dimensions • Vertical Slot option
                        • Tiewing Under Cuts Designed for Double Tieing • Contoured Aesthetic Shape

    Millenium  Manufactured using MIM technology (Metal Injection Molding) MILLENIUM brackets are
               designed with true torque in the base and exact in-out dimensions. The rounded wings
               and contoured hooks enhance patient comfort without impeding ligation. A center
               scribe line and color-coded identification system provides easy positioning.
               This bracket line was designed based on the Standard Alexander philosophy.

    Spectrum         Spectrum. For a Fast Start and a Great Finish. - A straight-wire bracket with advanced clinical
                    capacity. Spectrum makes it possible to start treatment quickly using tipping and translation te-
                    chniques with low forces. Then you can use the built-in straight wire techniques to help achieve
                   a precision finish with less effort. The profile is wide and low. The proven efficienty of a wide,
                   twin bracket is incorporated in to Spectrum to enhance rotation control, torque, posterior leve-
                  ling and anchorage potential.
                  Advantages: • Bracket allows you to practice with combination mechanics • Non -binding, ellip-
                 tical wing slots for easy, fast tipping • Either incisal or gingival wing slot may be used and secured
                 with pins, ligature ties, wires, or springs • Straight wire slot to make precision finishing easier
                • Incisal or gingival wing slot may be used and secured with pins • Permanent color coded I.D.
               system • Vertical slot accepts springs, posts and elastic hooks • Pre-determined in/out relationships
               • Segmented arch capability

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