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Who we are.

                                              With a 40-plus year history of manufacturing, Lancer is a global
                                               provider of orthodontic products for thousands of Orthodontists
                                                and Dentists worldwide. Lancer designs, manufactures and markets
                                                products utilizing three manufacturing systems: Traditional

                                                 (Casting), Progressive (Metal Injection Molding MIM) and New
                                                 Individualized Ortho (Patient Specific Customized Appliances).
                                                  We manufacture nearly 7,000 products - all backed by over 230
                                                  employees with a singular commitment to bring a performance
                                                   advantage to every technology, product and service we provide.

                             Sinterline™ Plus.

                                          Traditional Manufacturing Investment Casting

                                                    Investment casting offers high quality production, particulary
                                                    for small or highly complex components needing an extremely
                                                    accurate surface finish. This manufacturing technique is used
                                                    in the aerospace, medical, firearms and automotive industries
                                                    to make intricate parts. The drawbacks include the need for
                                                    specialized equipment, costly tools and the many operations
                                                    to make a part. While this makes Investment Casting more
                                                    expensive than other technologies, it's still the method of
                                                    choice for many orthodontic products. Lancer uses investment
                                                   casting to make its Sinterline™ brackets and Buccal Tubes.
                                                   The Sinterline™ product is characterized by extremely rounded
                                                   edges which is a key comfort factor for patients. Investment
                                                   casting is well suited to manufacture this complex geometry.
                                                  Lancer's investment casting process begins with 17-4 stainless
                                                  steel which yelds a stronger and smoother finish than other
                                                 grades of steel. Bracket patterns are assembled into “trees”
                                                 and loaded into a casting crucible. Investment liquid is
                                                poured into the crucible. The 17-4 stainless steel ingot is heated
                                               to 2100F and the molten slurry is forced into the mold
                                               cavity by high speed centrifuges. The result is the formation of
                                              an extremely dimensionally accurate orthodontic appliance.

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