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V.A.S.T. Technique - SpectrumTm

    Spectrum. For a Fast Start and a Great Finish.

     Spectrum makes it possible to start treatment quickly using tipping and translation
      techniques with low forces.Then you can use the built-in straight wire techniques
       to help achieve a precision finish with less effort.

        • Bracket allows you to practice with combination mechanics
         • Non-binding, elliptical wing slots for easy, fast tipping
         • Either incisal or gingival wing slot may be used and secured with pins, ligature

            ties, wires, or springs
           • Straight wire slot to make precision finishing easier
           • Incisal or gingival wing slot may be used and secured with pins
            • Permanent color coded I.D. system
            • Vertical slot accepts springs, posts and elastic hooks

            • Low, wide profile gives Spectrum the proven efficiency and control of a
               twin bracket

             • Pre-determined in/out relationships
             • Segmented arch capability
             • Your choice of .018 and .022 straight wire slots V.A.S.T.Technique

Spectrum Auxiliaries

The 1st and 2nd stage pin is designed to fit securely into the bracket, allowing for free sliding mechanics of the archwire.The 3rd stage pin is designed to fit securely
into the vertical slot of the bracket while holding the archwire securely in place.The Tandem pin is designed to hold the archwire securely in position while offering
the addition of a hook for surgery cases or vertical “cross” and class II elastics.
The spectrum pins are designed and manufactured to an exact tolerance. The pin leg dimensions of all three pins are .016x.018 to be easily inserted into the
spectrum vertical slot of .020x.020 .With the exact tolerance of the stamped pin, the possibility of rotation of the pin in the bracket slot is eliminated.

    Pins Spectrum
    Available in organized box 100 .

    • 1st & 2nd stage                  • 3rd stage  • Tandem stage
         013-227                        013-229         013-231

    Uprighting springs                  UR/LL        UL/LR
    Available in 10 per bag            015-133      015-134

    • .016 - 5 mm arm

    Synopsis of the V.A.S.T.Technique               999-118
    Original book released in 1995
    by Dr.William J.Thompson

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