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   MIM (Metal Injection Molding)

    The advantage of metal injection molding lies in its efficiency
    as well as the complexity and small size of the parts it can
     produce. Many “traditional” manufacturing steps are
     eliminated by using MIM technology. Additionally, virtually
     100% of the raw material consumed ends up in the form
     of a useable device. Manufacturing excellence can be
     achieved by using MIM which turns powdered metal into
     a highly accurate surgical steel appliance. Tolerance as
     small as 0.0005 inches can be held using MIM. Lancer
     has taken MIM one step further...robotics. A good example
     of this is our Praxis™ bracket line. Every 15 seconds eight
     Praxis™ brackets are molded into a “green state” powdered
     metal form. A robotic arm then picks the units from a high
     tolerance molding machine and segregates the parts by
     bracket type. The process: 1) Feed Stock. Stainless Steel
     feed stock enters the barrel of the molding machine which
    has been customized to Lancer’s specification. Lancer has
    developed a proprietary formula for its feedstock. This unique
    combination of metal and binding material produces an
   intermediate level bracket part which is robust and more
   dimensionally stable. 2) Sintering. The sintering process
  removes the binding material and causes the metal powder
  to contract. The result is a rock-solid part needing little more
 than polishing to yield a high quality orthodontic bracket!
3) Brazing. One of the final steps Lancer performs is the brazing
of a 100 gauge foil mesh pad to the base of the bracket.


         Raw feed stock  A “green state”       A “green state”  Slot Finishing
         enter the barrel bracket is produced     is sintered

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