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Plain Bands

Upper arch

Manufactured by lanCer Orthodontics with superior raw material which provides easy and accurate fitting quality.available in anatomical shapes: the OriGinal
bands “snap Fit” to provide excellent mechanical retention, contoured to eliminate gingival overhang, available in sizes from 1 to 36. Hardened occlusal perimeter
resists deformation during band seating. the sUPra molar bands are designed to seat out of occlusion and are fully proportioned in all dimensions, (diameter,
height and thickness), to provide maximum strength. Half sizes offer precision fit and minimal custom contouring. sizes from 29.5 to 44 and two tempers: regular
and Hard.the universal bands, sierra or General Purpose molar bands allows reduction of inventory due to universal right/left anatomy. Optimal temper adapts
easily to a variety of tooth anatomies. Buccal grooves provides seating reference. available in wide and narrow width. sizes from 1 to 36.
the bicuspid bands have three distinctive shapes for optimal fit and retention, flat interproximals to insure minimal tooth separation, wide selection of sizes and
consistent size graduation. all the bands are laser marked to provide a permanent identification even after many sterilization cycles.

54 45  Bands in 1 per bag (refill)                          Item
       Bands in 100 per kit (size distribution on page 62)
                                                            U45 104-001 g 024
       Universal                                            KU45 104-000
       1st and 2nd Upper Bicuspid bands
       refill (size 1g24)
       1st and 2nd Upper Bicuspid kit

76 67  sUPra anatomical
       1st and 2nd Upper Molar bands
       refill (size 29.5g44)                                U67rs 154-501 g 530
       1st and 2nd Upper Molar kit                          U67ls 154-601 g 630
                                                            KU67s 154-000

76 67  OriGinal anatomical
       1st and 2nd Upper Molar bands
       refill (size 1g36)                                   U67rO 150-001 g 036
       1st and 2nd Upper Molar kit                          U67lO 150-101 g 136
                                                            KU67O 150-000

       Band trays BiCUsPid - Plastic band containers and lids  4000003
       • Bicuspid tray                                         4000004
       • lower 2nd Bicuspid tray                               4000101
       Clear lid - fits all bicuspid trays

       Band trays MOlar - Plastic band containers and lids     4000204
       • Molar tray Original and General (1g36)                4000205
       • Upper right Molar tray supra (29.5g44)                4000206
       • Upper left Molar tray supra (29.5g44)                 4000207
       • lower right Molar tray supra (29.5g44)                4000208
       • lower left Molar tray supra (29.5g44)                 4000401
       Clear lid - fits all molar trays

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