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Terms and conditions of sale


                                                         Orders can be placed by phone (800-854-2896), fax (760-744-5842) or
                                                          through our website (
                                                           A minimum order amount of $50 applies to all orders placed with

                                                           Lancer. Orders totaling less than $50 will be subject to a $5 handling


                                                               All orders are accepted on the basis of payment within 30 days from
                                                               date of invoice. All invoices to be paid in U.S. dollars. A shipper
                                                                and itemized invoice is included with each shipment. A commer-
                                                                cial invoice is included when required. A statement detailing all
                                                                transactions is mailed monthly. Any outstanding balance over
                                                                 30 days will be subject to a 1.5% ($2.00 minimum) per month

                                                                 service charge. Lancer accepts most major credit cards for pay-
                                                                 ment of account balances.


                                                                 Lancer Orthodontics reserves the right to change prices, discon-
                                                                 tinue or change products without advance notice. Prices are valid
                                                                 within this Catalog until a new catalog is made available.
                                                                 Prices can also be updated in the event of Force Majeure.


                                                                All orders over $250 will qualify for FREE 3 day select shipping.
                                                                Orders under $250 will be charged regular shipping prices.

                                    RETURNS POLICY

                                                              Products may be returned for credit under the following conditions:

                                                             Product Return Conditions:

                                      • Products returned for credit will NOT be subject to ANY handling or

                                                            restocking fee if returned within 60 days of purchase. Products returned
                                                           after 60 days will be accepted at the discretion of Lancer management.
                                                          No products will be accepted if the invoice date is beyond 180 days.

                                   • All returns must be approved in advance and issued with an RA (Return

                                                       Authorization) number by Lancer. Please call Lancer’s customer service
                                                      department at 800-854-2896 to obtain your RA number.
                                                     Please clearly mark your RA number on the outside of the box.

                               • Returns must be shipped pre-paid and insured for the full value to:

                                               Lancer Orthodontics, Inc.
                                             Attn: 1493 Poinsettia Ave, Ste. 143 - Vista, CA 92081-
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