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Band Cements

INTACT GLASS IONOMER CEMENT - Easy smooth mixing - just add distilled water (no other liquid needed, polyacrylic acid and modifiers are already
incorporated in the powder) - Fifteen seconds mixing time and two minute working time - Working time can be extended by using a cold mixing slab (keep
powder and water refrigerated for ideal results) - High compression strength and low solubility.
LANCER CEMENT - Oxyfosfate Easy smooth mixing with their specific liquid.
FUJI OTHO BAND CEMENT GC Paste to Paste Resin Modified Glass Ionomer Cement for Bonding Bands. - Autocure - Fluoride releasing
ULTRA BAND-LOK RELIANCE light curing glass ionomer cement for orthodontic bonding can also be used to bond brackets, lingual retainers and large acrylic
appliances: No-Mix - Fluoride releasing - Blue shade for easy removal of excess of cement.

INTACT GLASS IONOMER CEMENT                                             Item
• Trial Pack contains: powder 30 g, water dispenser,
  mixing pads and powder scoop                                       811-210
• Ortho Pack contains: powder 200 g, water dispenser,
  mixing pads and powder scoop                                       811-301
• Intro Pack contains: powder 1lb (453 g),

  liquid 4x 56 cc, water dispenser
• Powder 1 lb (453 g)
• Liquid 56 cc

FUJI ORTHO BAND CEMENT GC                                            D11-2039
• Paste-Pack 26.6 g (13.3 g x 2 cartridges)                          D11-2040

• Dispenser Paste-Pack

ULTRA BAND-LOK RELIANCE                                              811-403
• No-Mix Light Cure syringe Kit contains:

  paste 30 g (5 g x 6 syringes)

Disposable applicators bend easily to any angle for the placement
of small controlled amounts of material in areas of limited access.

• Regular Size: package contains 400 applicators,      LD600-508
  four tubes of 100 applicators each
  (blue, green, peach, purple).

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