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• All products must be new and packaged in their original packaging (pro-

    ducts must be in a resalable condition).

   • Products will be accepted only from the original purchaser.
    • A copy of the invoice and written reasons for the return must ac-

         company the product.

      • Custom products, i.e. pre-welded products, products requiring re-

           frigeration, and chemical products cannot be returned in any cir-

       • Lancer’s inspection, evaluation and physical count of returned

             items is final.


                Lancer Orthodontics warrants that all products sold to its customers
                are free from defects in material and workmanship. Lancer Ortho-
                 dontic’s liability and the customer’s sole remedy in the event of
                 any claimed defect shall be limited to replacement of product or
                 refund of purchase price only. Lancer shall in no way be held re-
                 sponsible for any incident or damages, foreseeable or not, caused
                  by defective merchandise. Any and all implied warranties are wai-
                  ved and excluded. Lancer must be notified in writing of any clai-
                  med defects within one year from shipment date.


                  Lancer warrants Pliers to be free from manufacturer defects up to
                 one years from date of invoice. Failure to follow recommended
                 use, maintenance, care and cleaning procedures will void any
                 warranty claims. All cleaning and care instructions are included
                 within each new plier package. The use of a rust inhibitor and ap-
                 propriate lubrication is required. The warranty does not include
                the normal routine maintenance such as periodic sharpening. Lan-
                cer will replace pliers which are defective under the above terms
                and which have not been misused or mishandled.


              All bands and brackets are warranted for single use only. Recycled
             band and brackets will not be covered under Lancer’s warranty con-
            ditions under any circumstances.


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