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Arches and Wires Accessories

SDS Lokar Distalizer, Hooks, Micro Stop and Pliers

The Lokar Distalizer moves molars without relying on patient compliance. Dr. Bob Lokar designed an appliance with one thing in mind - simplicity. His Distalizer
works with any common labial fixed appliance; and it works very well for mixed dentition cases.The Lokar Distalizer is tied easily into position with ligature wire. It
is similar in functionality to other labial or lingual non-compliant distalizing systems, however the Lokar. Distalizer is encompassed in one convenient, streamlined unit.
• Great for Mixed Dentition Cases • Great for Gaining Unilateral Distalization • Gain Space Without Compliance • Provides a Light, Continuous Force • Comfortable
for Your Patients • Easy to Incorporate
A vAST SELECTION OF ACCESSORIES to help enhance the functioning of orthodontic wires. Crimpable hooks can be placed directly on the archwire, offering
many possibilities of traction.They can be modifying by using a bird beak pliers.
The new microstops are used to avoid un-necessary movement of the archwire in particular with small size wires like those used in low friction mechanics.
ROTATION WEDGES allow the clinician to rotate teeth during orthodontic treatment.

LOKAR DISTALIZERS                                                                     Item
Bag of 10
DISTALIZER TRAINING CD                                                             555-300

TBAITLALNHAOL OSUKPSERELASTIC MODERN FORM                                                   000,00
• Packs of 10 (silver label)                                                                000,00
•FoPrastuierngticpaal cakndofe1la0st(icsintrgalectipoancsk)to crimp on the arches
Bag of 20                                                                          014-114

CLOSED HOOKS                                                                       014-101
• For wires .016x.016 - Bag of 10                                                  014-102
• For wires .018x.025 - Bag of 10                                                  014-103
• For wires .036 - Bag of 10
2 mm Length, wires from .012 up to .018
Bag of 25

                                                                ROTATION WEDGE     577-303
                                                                Bag of 100
                                                                • Grey
                                                                • Clear

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