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MIM TECHNOLOGY    ™ Bracket made with MIM technology.
                                                                              Lancer has combined manufacturing excellence with
                                                                              a premium clinical design.

                                                                          ™ This latest bracket from Lancer’s is the evolution of the
                                                                               Praxis bracket line. This Praxis 2.0 is manufactered with
                                                        MIM TECHNOLOGY    2.0  MIM technology, and features an updated design and
                                                          MIM TECHNOLOGY
                                                                               an anatomical, 80x80 gauge, mesh base.

                                                                          ™ This buccal tube is made with MIM technology, and
                                                                               has a smaller design to facilitate ease of placement,
                                                                          BT   control during bonding and patient comfort during


                                                                               Straight Forward Philosophy is a new complete
                                                                               orthodontic system.
                                                                               It is the result of 20 years of clinical experience achieved
                                                                               using Straight-Wire appliances.


Straight-Forward Philosophy, Praxis, Sinterline Plus,                             ™ Brackets for the Ultimate in Sintered
Millenium, Spectrum, Intrigue Silk, Redi-Pak, Stealth,                                  Technology. Optimum mesial/distal width
Philosophy 1, Titanal, Counter Force and Splinx                                         provides 3-Dimensional control. Tie wing
are trademarks of Lancer Orthodontics, Inc.                                             undercuts allow for easy ligation.
All other trademarks noted in the catalog
are trademarks of their respected holders.                                 ™ Brackets for a fast start and optimum finish: two
LANCER is a registered trademark and service mark                               wing slots, a straight wire slot and a vertical slot
in the United States and other foreign countries.
                                                                      make this perhaps the most versatile bracket in the industry.
6                                                                     Four slots give the clinician more options than just one slot.

                                                                                          ™ The high-quality solution to your
                                                                                                aesthetic bracket needs.
                                                                                                The Ultimate in ceramic contoured

                                                                          ceramic brackets, Lancer utilizes a proven material
                                                                          technology developed by General Electric.

                                                                                               The sensible solution to better bracket
                                                                                               storage and patient delivery.
                                                                                               The ready-to-use patient clean-pack and
                                                                                      ™ set-up tray is a real time saver!
                                                                                               Perfect for progressive bonding.
                                                                                           Hand-finished, corrosion resistant Stealth
                                                                                           instruments come with a three year
                                                                                           manufacturers warranty.

                                                                                        All in one... One for all
                                                                                        The new rapid palatal expander by Lancer, isn’t
                                                                                        being introduced simply to prove or confirm
                                                                                        the extraordinary clinical benefits of RPE.
                                                                                        The smallest, the most innovative, the most

                                                        ™ Highly resilient Superelastic Nickel Titanium Wire. Titanal has

                                                            25% the stiffness of like-size stainless steel at full activation.

                                                                               ™ Is the original reverse curve wire developed by
                                                                                    Drs. Nelson and Myers, and patented by Lancer
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