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          RPE-Rapid Palatal Expander

                                       Research and evolution

                                                             Philosophy 1, the new rapid palatal expander by LANCER ORTHODONTICS, isn’t being
                                                             introduced simply to prove or confirm the extraordinary clinical benefits of RPEs.
                                                              This established fact has been well demonstrated and documented. Highly regarded resear-
                                                               chers in the orthodontic industry have written and published on this topic for the last

                                                                30 years.
                                                                Philosophy 1 takes this important orthodontic appliance to a new level of refinement.
                                                                 Philosophy 1 has been developed with innovative technical features and with extremely
                                                                 small dimensions (micro-dimensions) to dramatically improve patient comfort and solve

                                                                  problems common to the older generation of palatal expanders.

Performance                                                                 The most cinnovative

The smallest                                                                • Due to the design of the arm and the single expansion mechanism, the
                                                                            dimension of the screw body does not change during treatment.
Philosophy 1 has a very small profile which allows it to                    • Innovative design and Micro-Mechanical technology allows Philosophy 1 RPE
be used in any sized palate and with exceptional comfort for all patients.  to fit very close to the palate. This means it is much closer to the center of
                                                                            resistance of the palatal suture and provides optimal transfer of expansion force.
The most confortable                                                        • Thanks to its design and manufacturing technology, Philosophy 1 is also applied
Thanks to its innovative features, small dimensions, method of activation,  parallel to the palate
                                                                            • Malleable in the laboratory and strong in the mouth. The special steel alloy
positioning at just a few millimeters from the palate, Philosophy 1:        used has unique biomechanical properties that facilitate forming the
• has a far less invasive presence in the mouth                             device while ensuring dimensional stability in the mouth during treatment.
• minimizes interference with chewing, swallowing and speaking
• eliminates or greatly reduces intra-oral tissue irritation                Laser markings for       Patented system to
• improves oral hygiene                                                     direction of activation  prevent anti-rotation
• reduces bad breath problems due to fewer food traps

                                   Activation system with
                                   positive feedback

    Arms opening
    ver tically

                                                                                                     One piece
                                                                                                     expansion arms

                  Smooth surfaces                                           pin
                  with no welded joints

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