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Sleepright,Thera-Bite Wafers and Bonder System

SLEEPRIGHT® - Adjustable Night Guard used for treating bruxism,TMJ disorder and headaches. Protects teeth and dental work from teeth grinding and clenching.
No boiling water or melting plastic is required to fit. Self-adjust technology fits all sizes. Free of BPA and Latex.
Biting down on THERA-BITE WAFERS has the similar effect of massaging sore muscles - reduces pain after banding or archwire adjustments. Chewing something
hard immediately following an appliance adjustment loosens the tightly grouped fibers around the nerves and blood vessels, and subsequent pain and discomfort
are either eliminated completely or minimized greatly.Thera-Bite wafers can also be used to stabilize the jaw during the debonding process.
The BONDER is a practical system that allows the clinician to make a series of accessories directly in the patient’s mouth (retainer, brackets, buttons etc.) in a few
seconds using a light cure adhesive.

    SLEEPRIGHT®                                       Item
    • EZ-Splint (Day-Time)
    • EZ-Splint PM (Night-Time)                       LD-POW

    THERA-BITE WAFERS                                 860-131
    Box of 200                                        860-132
    • Regular Flavor
    • Mint Flavor

    BONDER SYSTEM                                     863-002
    • New Starter Kit of 24 pieces,                   863-011

      3 per type (2 new mold) and 2 handles
    • Mold handle - plain
    • Packs of 10 each with handle

    863-004   863-005            863-006     863-007  863-008     863-009

    Brackets  Habit Control      Bite Ramp   Button   Wire large  Wire small

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